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Completely safe for all skin types and ethnic backgrounds!


Laser Hair Removal Services


Trying to manage unwanted hair with razors, creams, and/or ineffective hair removal treatments are not only time consuming but also can be very expensive.  Here at The Art of Aesthetics it is our company’s core objective to offer the newest and safest laser hair removal treatments for our clients.  Our professional staff’s education and master techniques are performed with safest and fastest equipment on the current market to permanently reduce the un-pleasantries of unwanted hair ; and it can also improve certain skin conditions that are associated with ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs can be painful and can also leave scars and dark spots if not treated properly. Treating ingrown hairs with lasers can significantly reduce these side effects from shaving.



When treated with lasers, hair follicles are permanently disabled through a process called microincineration.  The dual wavelengths in our system target both melanin and vascular supply to the hair follicle for superior results at unmatched speeds.  


The energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, and for this reason the darker courser hair is most affected by the treatment.  Lighter finer hair may require more treatments since there is less pigment in each follicle. Hair that is red, blonde or gray have no pigment so the laser treatment has no effect on these particular follicles.

The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal:

laser hair removal


Hair reduction is most effective when the hair is in an active growth phase called the ”Anagen”, this is when the hair follicle is still attached to the bulb that is at the base of the shaft.  Since our hair grows differently in certain areas and is on different cycles it is imperative that our clients follow pre-treatment instructions along with maintaining their scheduled appointments so that we are treating the hair during its active phase.


Rescheduling or missing appointments can affect your overall treatment results.  The hairs that were ready to be treated can enter into another phase and will not be affected by the lasers energy.


Since the laser uses advance technologies it can effectively destroy hair without harming the surrounding tissue. The skin may be bumpy and red after the treatment but should subside within 2-4 hours. The treated hair may look singed and may itch, but if left alone will fall out on its own.  Hair that was not in the “active growth phase” will remain in the area; this is not due to being untreated. Another key factor is the courser the hair the better the results, finer hair will require more treatments. This is why we recommend 4-6 treatments for women and 6-9 treatments for our male clients to achieve 80-90% hair reduction. 


Woman and men that are being treated, have previously been treated, or were diagnosed with hormone related disorders might require more treatments since they are on or have been on a hormone replacement.  Hair growth can be stimulated by hormones, so if a client is starting or stopping medications they need to be aware that it can affect their ending results.  Weight gain and/or loss, stress, pregnancy, medications, and other elements can also affect a client’s ending results.




  • Clients are not to wax, tweeze, or use creams to bleach or remove hair 4 weeks prior to their treatments.  Bleaching will take the pigment out of the hair follicle, thus rendering it from being treated. Waxing, tweezing, or using depilatories rips the follicle out at the base so there will be nothing for the laser to pick up on.  Laser hair removal technology can only treat actively growing hairs (follicles that are attached to the base).


  • Client is to refrain from tanning beds and tanning from sun exposure for FOUR (4) weeks prior to their treatment. Although we have the technology to treat darker skin types, it requires that the treatment settings be lowered. Lowering the settings can also affect the ending results.


  • Shave 24 hours prior to the treatment with a one blade razor. Shaving too close to your treatment can cause scraping of the skin and can result in negative side effects; burns, blisters, and /or whitening or darkening of the skin. Also, shaving too far out from your treatment can leave the hair too long. If this happens the energy that is released might not reach the base because of its length.


  • Do not take medications that cause photo-sensitivity (if you are unsure please do not hesitate to call the office). No ibuprofen, No naproxen, No antibiotics (if you do or intend to take ibuprofen, naproxen, and/or antibiotics please inform the office and technician so that we can reschedule you properly).Tylenol is ok.


  • Wash areas to be treated prior to your appointment. Do not apply any lotions, deodorants, perfume, or oils.


  • No exercising or performing any activities that will cause your body temperature to raise prior and immediately after your treatment.


  • Stay completely out of the sun 5-7 days prior to your treatment. Areas that are being treated need to be covered by clothing and/or sunscreen with a SPF35 or higher.  Clients need to be reapplying sunscreen every two hours to the all treatment areas. If you become darker the technician will have to turn the treatment settings down to fit your skin type; this might affect your ending results. 





  • Immediately after each treatment the area can become very sensitive, red, irritated, bumpy (looks similar to hives or mosquito bites) that can last up to 3 hours or longer. The skin may also feel like a sunburn feeling; sensitive to touch and heat and can last up to a few days. Clients are advised to use Aloe Vera gel, Auquaphor®, and/or Desitin®. Since darker skin tones sometimes feel more discomfort we would recommend that they use the above creams and follow post treatments longer to help expedite the post treatment process. 


  • We recommend that our clients stay out of the sun 10 days after each laser hair removal treatment, to avoid any potential side effects such as; darkening or lightening of the skin, blistering, and/or peeling. We also recommend that our clients wear physical sunscreen SPF 30 + on all treatment areas throughout the entire course of their treatments to eliminate potential side effects and so that we can achieve maximum hair reduction.


  • Avoid exercising, sitting in sauna’s or Jacuzzi’s, or do anything that can potentially raise your body temperature.


  • Area may be become itchy and dry; clients are to refrain from picking and scratching the treated area to avoid potential side effects. DO NOT USE any other hair removal methods, products, or techniques to remove hair throughout the course of your treatments, because it will prevent you from achieving your best results.


  • Clients can shower following their treatment. Using warm water (NOT HOT) and use gentle wash cloth with gentle soap and wash the area. Using circle motions while washing will help to assist the treated hair to fall out. DO NOT PULL / PLUCK / TWEEZE the treated hair, let it fall out on its own. This process could take up to 10 days. WAIT TWO (2) days before you shave the area.


  • Makeup and other covering agents may be used post treatment as long as there is no epidermis blistering. We recommend that client use their own makeup or new makeup post treatment to reduce the risk of potential side effects. Clients should always remember to wear a good moisturizer with a SPF 30 + or higher to avoid side effects.


  • When treating the face clients should avoid products that have alpha hydroxyl acids, fruit acids, and any and all products that might make the skin more sensitive to light for at least 10 days.



Frequently Asked Questions:



How many treatments are required for laser hair removal?

Every treatment area is consistent with multiple hair follicles that can be in a different growth phase/cycle.  Not all hairs are in the active growth phase/cycle at the same time, so a single procedure will not treat all the hair follicles.  And since there is no way for us to know what cycle/phase each hair follicle is in it is important to keep all scheduled appointment and follow pre/post care instructions so that you can achieve maximum results.


Multiple treatments are recommended, 6 to 9 treatments for most women and men. Most of our clients achieve 80 – 90% hair reduction after their sixth treatment. 



How much does laser hair removal cost?

Compared to waxing, shaving, and other costly techniques laser hair removal is clearly a more affordable and effective method of hair removal



Prices vary depending on which body areas are being treated. Ask about our discounts for packages, promotions, referral program, and other ways to help you save money. We also have in house financing available for your convenience. Please contact us to schedule your complementary consultation or to receive more information.



Do you have financing available?

We offer in house financing to all of our clients. Please contact us for more information.



What should I expect after my laser hair removal treatment?

After your treatment, the area can feel sunburned and sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. You should avoid sun and activities that can raise your body temperature. Area can be itchy, due to the treated hair that is still in the skin (follow post instruction care). Some hair may look untreated; this is due to the hairs being in a different growth phases. Don’t panic, those hairs will eventually be treated during the course of your treatments.



When will I see results?

Treated hair will start to fall out 7 – 10 days after each treatment. However, you will notice some follicles that do not fall out or new hair growth within a few weeks; those are the hairs that were not in an active growth phase. This is why we require our clients to have multiple treatments so that we can treat follicles in their active growth phase; treatments are usually scheduled 6 – 8 weeks apart.


Results may vary depending on skin tone, color and type of hair being treated, and comfort levels. Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction; it does not prevent hair from growing completely. Overtime, it can reduce hair growth and in some cases improve skins appearance. 

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